Mitsutek is a DJ, booker and promoter in switzerland.

His event-label called Mitsutek had alreaday been thrilled by electronic music during the early years of his life and having experienced liveacts and dj sets of various international aritsts in all categories of electronic music, he started to get interested into djing. Beginning with Drum n Bass he quickly discovered his fervour for "four 2 the floor" and was inspired by many nights out in Zurich and Berlin. That is also how he detected his fondness for minimaltechno and electrotech. Essential to Mitsuteks sets are the party element and the dancefloor-suitability. The crowd shall experience fun and a plain, yer euphoric and upbeat access to his sets. Mitsutek loves trifling with the crowd and eliciting odd sounds from them. Energy is the focal point in his sets. In musical terms mitsutek evolves his sets dependent on the crowds disposition- yet he likes to rock. Commencing with minimal it can build up to electrotech. In his domain there exist very few limits, boudaries or schemesin - for him the clou is pleasure at dancing...

Clubs & Partys: dachkantine zh, hive club zh, zukunft zh, pfingstweide zh, komplex zh, rohstofflager zh, cabaret zh, dekandans maastricht, labitzke zh, supermarket zh, flex zh, g5 zh, dock 18 zh, rauch club feldkirch (a), nordstern bs, das schiff bs, funambolo bs, openair sg, boschbar zh, silberbar zh, elisabethenstrasse zh, kulturfabrik wetzikon zh, kraftfeld winterthur zh, albani winterthur zh, vision festival, chocolate festival lausanne,  grillmeisterschaften wollishofen zh, lethargy festival rote fabrik zh, schlosserei zh, tankstell sg, electroboy zh, dubclub sg, grabenhalle sg, kugl sg (residency), and many more

Supported acts: Ascii Disko, the Modernist, Dominik Eulberg, Theo Parrish, Onur Oezer, Tobias Becker, Benno Blome, Bloody Mary, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Andre Galluzzi, Tiefschwarz, Oliver Koletzki, Codec & Flexor, Kombinat 100, Losoul, Swayzak's James Taylor, Water Lilly, Kate Wax, Mediengruppe Telekommander, Falko Brocksieper, M.I.A, Franco Bianco, Remute, Pantha du Prince, Efdemin, Toktok, Saalschutz, Big-Hair, Jahcoozi, Misc. and many others...




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