Having been emphatically captivated by the early cologne minimalism movement in the beginning of the nineties, Volt.mar shares his particular vision of minimal techno and micro house via abstract yet groovy djsets with audiences worldwide. More precisely, he has been strongly influenced by the kompakt family's legendary labels Studio 1, Profan, Kreisel, Freiland, and Auftrieb. Volt.mar still implements and develops these basic yet timeless ideas in his sets merged with recent punchy minimal tracks or even deep dubby techno for the early hours and warehouse-type locations.

As a next step forward in pushing minimal electronic music, Volt.mar formed the series of concept nights MINIMOOD in London in 2006 merging art and minimal techno music in collaboration with his friend Valentino de Bronfff and artist Olga Mitterfellner. His idea to transform MINIMOOD into a record label led him to found MINIMOOD as a proper record label together with his two friends Erich Bogatzky and Hubert Vroom in 2007. The label believes in the art form of minimal electronic music, and envisions the creation of an innovative and paradigmatic-free platform. not just another minimal label- the emphasis lies on the evolutionary aspect to unveil new drifts and non-conventional paths for the now rather mature minimalism movement.

Volt.mar can now look back to a substantial amount of bookings in various cutting-edge locations all over Europe and even in Tokyo. His unique abstract yet groovy approach as well as his pasisonate drive for minimal electronic music have been recognized by the phenomenal loft club in his current homebase Lausanne (ch), where he has now been playing regular sets along international acts such as James Holden, Anthony Rother, Troy Pierce, Click Box, My My, Onur Oezer, Minilogue and Pan-pot.

Finally and importantly, Volt.mar strongly feels about the medium vinyl for the electronic music scene in terms of its cultural value, instantaneous form of expression, unique warmth in sound and the inexplicable fascination it is capable of eliciting.


Ziggy Kinder
'lucky look (Erich Bogatzky & Volt.mar Remix)

Resident Advisor

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